(Target these surfaces with every cleaning!)

During the cold season, the flu is undesirable #1! Help curb the spread of sickness in your home by targeting your most touched surfaces!

Door knobs & locks
Every time you enter/exit your home or any individual room, chances are that you're touching a door knob and/or turning a lock. Any surface that you're touching constantly, without having just washed your hands, is a perfect breeding ground for germs.
Light switches & surrounding plates
Unless you can "clap on! clap off!", light switches are some of the most touch heavy surfaces in your home.
Cabinet handles & drawer pulls
Not only do these surfaces accumulate germs, they also have a tendency to accumulate sticky, greasy debris due to their locations in kitchens & bathrooms.
Stair railings
These surfaces are regularly touched by hands, and possibly other body parts if you choose to slide down them :). In other words, never cleaning them = GERM CITY
Toilet flushers
Just think: you touch the flusher before you wash your hands, after doing your business.
Faucet handles
You also touch the faucet handle in the bathroom before you wash your hands... and then again afterward. If they aren't cleaned, touching them feeds into a cycle of hand contamination.
Soap pumps
Cleaning these will help to prevent soap scum buildup and the transference of germs, especially if you don't wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Also, if you pump out soap for children, an unclean pump will dirty your hands.
An everyday scenario: touch your phone, scratch an itch, touch your phone, eat, touch your phone, take out the garbage, touch your phone, shield a sneeze, touch your phone, blow your nose, and touch your phone again! Enough said.
Computer mice & keyboards
This category includes desktops, laptops, and tablets. That means that not only are these items potentially dirty from activities inside the home, but also have the ability to track in outside germs.
Remotes to electronics
If you've ever cleaned these before, I'll be thoroughly impressed! On television, I've seen people scratch with these items. If life imitates art, please clean these regularly & thoroughly!
Each of the items described above is a hard surface, therefore cleaning should be painless. When disinfecting these high-touch surfaces, follow these steps:
**Do not spray cleaning solutions directly onto surfaces !** Dampen cleaning towels with solutions to prevent dripping/liquid damage.
1. Degrease
Using a neutral and clear colored liquid dish soap, squeeze a few droplets into 1/4 of a pail of warm water, to create the perfect cleaning solution.
2. Disinfect
Use a multi-surface disinfectant liquid cleaner. Search for labels that advertise a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria that includes Salmonella, E.Coli, and certain strains of Influenza. Several items also contain a non-astringent odor eater to freshen the home without harsh fumes.
3. Polish stainless steel faucets & drawer pulls
Spray the polish directly onto a lint-free towel, then wipe the surface and enjoy a powder free, smudge free finish.
Each of these cleaning solutions will work best with
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