Ask Cindy Shop is the result of Cindy Inman’s many years of professional residential and commercial cleaning expertise and her accumulated knowledge within a now extensive cleaning industry. Her many commercial and residential cleaning contracts continue to welcome her boutique approach to cleaning and the outstanding results her cleaning teams achieve.

The Ask Cindy expertise for any cleaning task, large or small, has become a game changer in the field and her expertise can now become a game changer for your own housecleaning tasks as well.

Ask Cindy Shop will focus on the residential house cleaning world. Why? Simply because housecleaning itself is Cindy’s absolute passion.

“When I walk through a properly cleaned home -- any home – that true “only clean is clean” look just pleases and satisfies all my senses,” Cindy says.

The more her clients expressed their desire to experience the same rewards from their own housecleaning, the more Cindy felt she needed to share her best cleaning techniques, tools and solutions for any cleaning challenge. Now she offers you her unique insights to make your housecleaning easier, simpler and more rewarding.

At Ask Cindy Shop, the ongoing presentation of house cleaning tools, solutions and insights will make any of your cleaning tasks easier, simpler and more rewarding -- without exception.

“After thirty plus years of tackling cleaning tasks, I know clean,” Cindy says. “I know what works, what is essential for success, and which tools and solutions will yield that simple, sparkling cleaning result you desire. My crystal ball also knows that Housecleaning 101 was never an elective offered in school. However, you do want a cleaner home.

So -- without judgment -- it’s my absolute pleasure to share my own years of homework in the field!”

The benefit of her tips and best practices for you and for your home’s surfaces, appliances, cabinetry, bathrooms, kitchens, counters, furnishings, and decorative items is that they can now all be cleaned more effectively, more efficiently, and more safely with this website support from Cindy.

With today’s continuing high tech development of engineered tactile surfaces, textile coverings, appliances, chandeliers, light fixtures and various decor items, there are always new cleaning techniques that need to be learned. provides the newest tricks of the trade for your home because Cindy still loves doing her housecleaning homework…so you don’t have to!

Cindy’s “only clean is clean” results magnify the original radiance of any furnishing or surface in your home. Cindy’s “proper” cleaning techniques will help you maintain that sparkling, newly out of the box look for everything in your home…the look everyone desires for a “home sweet home.” That’s true regardless if you’re cleaning your home yourself or delegating your cleaning tasks to others.

So, welcome to the world of Ask Cindy - where a clean home is a lifestyle!

#Ask Cindy Shop gives you the essential house cleaning helpmates, solutions and insights for any housecleaning task. Her desire is to help facilitate your housecleaning by sharing with you the unique how to’s that she has cultivated over thirty years. Cindy’s cleaning results, both residential and commercial, have been described as “housecleaning par excellence.”

You will discover that Cindy has done her homework, and her sharing of her knowledge points you to the best practices needed for any cleaning task in any residence. The elegance of Cindy’s “only clean is clean” outcome for any home and her insights for achieving boutique housecleaning in your own home are now available on WWW.ASKCINDYHOW.COM. There she continues to share her own proprietary housecleaning wisdom gained from her more than thirty years of professional experience.

Cindy also collaborates with discriminating partners for the solutions and tools that will help you support a natural cleaning effort so you can have a healthier -- not just a cleaner -- home environment. Glad that you have found us. Thank you for visiting.


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