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About Us

"If you love your home or office, we will help you love it more" -Cindy

Ask Cindy, Inc. is an outgrowth of many years of personal experience in the cleaning industry. This includes both commercial and residential. However, while I have had an extensive experience in the commercial industry, Ask Cindy, Inc. will evolve mostly around the residential housekeeping world. Why? You may ask. Simply, house cleaning is my passion. When I'm able to walk through a well ordered and pristinely clean home, I get a great deal of fulfillment. Through my seminars, I am most gratified when I'm able to impart the knowledge and techniques to others that I've accumulated over the years.

Therefore, Ask Cindy, Inc. is a business that seeks to change lives through the world of clean. The company does do housekeeping service, but in addition it equips homeowners with the knowledge to do it themselves or to evaluate others that would provide the service. Through seminars, manuals and "how to cards", Ask Cindy How conveys information that empowers the homeowner and housekeeper. I say to my customers - "why not invite the surgeons in!!!"

I’m happy and proud to announce the launching of a new branding for my talent and expertise in the residential cleaning world. I have been involved in one way or the other with professional residential cleaning for in excess of 20 years. My, how time flies! It actually began when I was in college. I realized that I not only had a talent for house cleaning, I also was passionate about the finished product. That being the case, it was only natural for me to put my passion to work and get paid for it as well. So many times, I was told “that’s clean enough." However, I have never been able to settle. This is what I now offer the developed world. "Let's not settle for anything less than clean - where it counts." As a result of my passion, I have come to a place where, I’ve successfully developed cleaning techniques that not only get the job done, but leave every home with sparkle as well.

Along with the sparkle, my team leaves the homeowner with a renewed sense of pride in their residence. Our motto is “If you love your home or office, we will help you love it more”. Please know that my cleaning tips, advice, methods and techniques can help you achieve that "Ah Hah!" experience even when you've maintained things relatively well. However, when your home has gotten away from you altogether, don't fret we will help you bring it back. I’m now beginning to package this knowledge in the form of cleaning manuals, books and seminars.

While I’m developing the manual, I am conducting seminars – “Ask Cindy” How to clean everything in the house. The Ask Cindy seminars will give you that effective education. After all, all that we have become - comes from attaining the education, training, and skill sets to affect outcomes. We all deserve the best that life has to offer – right? I invite you to stay tuned to my website as I will be developing various products and informational vehicles through which you can gain useful ways to improve your techniques and cleaning results in your home. As we take this journey together, I assure you that you will find it both exciting and enjoyable.