Cindy's Service History

Although Cindy Inman, a long time Westchester resident, formed Ask Cindy, Inc., she has been providing impeccable cleaning and old fashioned service since 1992 under the former name, The Visible Difference. Ask Cindy goes above and beyond her initial goals, to bring back that out of the box look while building strong customer relationships.

What is the Ask Cindy difference?
• Cindy insists on a perfect clean
• She has created a family of nice people that know how to clean
• She personally does the walk through to assess each home
• She customizes the cleaning protocol for each home
• Her team will structure weekly bi-weekly, monthly, and/or one time cleaning
• Cindy's crew will set-up cleaning stations and provide organizational services
• Cindy will train your housekeeper for your own environment.

Cindy's BeSpoke service creates a customized cleaning blueprint for your home which includes a specific cleaning rotation for each visit, and identifies the appropriate solutions for your lifestyle.

Cindy prides herself on minute attention to every detail, ensuring that dirt is never tracked into the house while the cleaning process is underway.
• Every feature on light fixtures and every groove on base boards are cleaned
• Underneath every corner and edge, even grout lines are meticulously cleaned
• Exposed pipes, door hinges, and the insides of cabinets are not overlooked
• Her teams understand how to clean surfaces like marble and granite
• Sensitivity is given to fine housewares and collectibles

Contact Cindy today and together, unleash the beauty of your home with clean!  


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